Complete blood food, nothing to make you poor poor “blood”!

There was a slogan said: “Nothing can lean anemia”! But now anemic people is too many, young and old, women and children all will be successful, anemia causes are complex, likely to cause ischemic disease, there are many, such as leukemia, lymphoma, aplastic anemia, multiple myeloma, purpura, hemolytic anemia, a blood disease which will directly induce varying degrees of anemia, in addition to formal scientific treatment, but also on our daily lives, “diet” to help, now you can quickly recommend blood food.

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1, carrot
Carrots contain high levels of vitamins B, C, at the same time contains a special nutrient – carotene, carotene beneficial effect on the blood, anemia is the most suitable person to eat food, but you can also use the carrot soup is good soup to drink blood. But many people do not eat carrots, my personal approach is the carrot juice, add honey as soft drinks.

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2, seaweed
Seaweed color is black, does not look good, but higher iron contained in the seaweed, seaweed soup with cooking, can be blood, anemia for people to eat.

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3, day lily flowers
Day Lily (also known as day lily) the maximum number of iron, than the familiar 20 times higher spinach, iron-rich, while Day Lily is also rich in vitamins A, B1, C, protein, fat and other nutrients colchicine drunk base .

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4, longan
Longan longan meat is meat, longan meat is rich in iron in addition to outside also contain vitamins A, B and glucose, sucrose and the like. Blood while treating forgetfulness, heart palpitations, neurasthenia and insomnia. Longan soup, longan rubber, longan wine blood type is also very good food.

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5, gluten
This is the kind of folk food. General vegetarian, and lo mei stalls have a supply, a rich iron content of gluten. The blood must iron.

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6, spinach
This is the most common vegetables. Also known tonic food, spinach is rich in iron carotene, spinach, so the blood can be regarded as an important food vegetables. If you do not eat carrots, then eat vegetables it. ? Anemic anemic people who ate it apart from eating blood and vegetables, you can also eat some of the darker color of food, such as: dates, angelica, gelatin, black rice, black beans, etc. These foods are the best blood food.

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Complete blood food, nothing to make you poor poor “blood”!”的一个响应

  1. These are all great foods. I do believe diet does play a big role in a persons life.


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