Is Cucumber Healthy for CKD

“黄瓜”的图片搜索结果Patients with kidney problems always have symptom of less urine because of damaged renal function, so, the toxic substances, metabolites, wastes can’t be eliminated out of human body. Patients must pay attention to diet.

Is cucumber healthy for kidney disease? Cucumber contains lots of water, if patients have cucumber regularly and quantificationally, it benefits for increasing urine output and toxic substances run out of human body. But excessive amount will increase burden for kidneys.

There are some diet principles for patients with kidney disease.

1 Vitamin A, B2, C is better for patients with kidney problems

2 If the patient have no symptom of edema, they can drink more water, orange juice, watermelon juice which is diuretic.

3 If the patients have symptoms of hypertension and edema, they should intake less salt.

4 Patients should have sufficient high quality protein everyday, such as eggs, meat, milk products which supply lose of excretion, avoid edema and anemia.

5 If the patients have symptom of anemia, the patients should have the food with protein and Fe, such as The liver, kidneys, beef, egg yolk and vegetables; if the patients have symptoms of hypertension and hyperlipaemia, they must limit amount of saturated fatty acids and cholesterin.

Diet treatment is a method that cooperate with hospital treatment. Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital is a professional hospital in treating kidneys, experts team make out therapeutic schedule for patients according to examination result. Our characteristic Chinese therapy includes: Oral Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine Foot Bath, Medicated Bath, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Enema Detoxification. Our blood purification technology includes: hemodialysis, hemofiltration, hemoperfusion, plasmapheresis and so on. According to patients with different illness, these therapies can be combined reasonably and accurately so as to develop its largest effect. Our ultimate goal of treatment is helping patients clean up blood, repair renal injury, then restore renal function further.


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