Is Juice Healthy for Patients with CKD

相关图片In the summer, the temperature is rising, a bottle of cool juice can make people comfortable. But for patients with CKD, there are some diet principles.

Juice is a kind of liquid which contain much nutrition such as protein, inorganic salt, vitamin to supply microelement, energy, vitamin for human body. Especially orange juice contains much K which is one of important composition of electrolyte of huamn body. The normal concentration data of K in serum is 3.5-5.5mmlo/L, if the concentration data of K in serum is more than 5.5mmol/L, it is called ”hyperpotassemia” which produce bad influence for human body, when the illness is serious, it maybe fatal to people. Serious hyperpotassemia suppress systoly which causes abnormal heartbeat. So patients must pay attention to the juice of its ingredients which should contain less K. In daily life, patients should have less acidic juice or low quality juice.

There are some principles in diet for patients.

1 Patients should have less protein and less phosphorus, the amount should sufficient for patients in one day.

2 Sufficient carbohydrate. Carbohydrate can supply sufficient heat which can reduce consumption of protein for human body to reduce burden of kidneys. It can repair tissues and help them grow.

3 Salt. Patients with edema must have less salt.

4 Water intake. Patients with edema should pay attention to amount of water intake.

5 Vitamin. The food such as fresh vegetables and fruits with rich vitamin A, B, C are benefit for improving illness condition.

Whatever the food with much nutrition for patients, they should pay attention to the amount. If the patients intake excessive nutrition especially some elements that may damage kidneys, the aim of diet treatment is unexpected.



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